3 Best CRM Call Center Software for Businesses

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

In today's fast-paced business world, customer satisfaction is cardinal. It's not just about selling a service or product: it's about building lasting relationships with clients.

That's where CRM call center software comes into play. With a CRM call center at your disposal, customer interactions are supercharged because they receive a seamless experience that keeps them returning for more.

Imagine this: a call center crammed with energetic agents armed with powerful CRM tools ready to engage customers with unmatched efficiency. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? That's precisely what a CRM call center application offers—the perfect blend of cloud-based technology and human touch to deliver exceptional client services.

This article aims to provide a wealth of information on CRM call center software for businesses.

What Is a Call Center CRM?

What Is a Call Center CRM

Imagine a superhero tool call center representatives utilize to make clients jump with joy and turbocharge their efficiency. That's call center customer relationship management software in a nutshell!

It's like having a virtual treasure chest that stores all the juicy details about your leads, deals, and prospects from their account info to chat and call history—think of it as a super sleek case and call center CRM management tool that agents use to give customers the personalized VIP treatment they deserve.

When CRM systems join forces with call center technology, it's like witnessing an epic team-up of Superman and Batman.

Picture this: as soon as a call files into an agent's headset, voila! The CRM screen magically pops up, giving them all the intel they need to save the day. These fantastic integrations save agents from drowning in data entry and let them concentrate on swooping in to assist customers with their issues.

CRM call center software acts as the conductor of the customer experience orchestra, orchestrating seamless interactions and harmonizing operations.

Let’s look at the inner workings of CRM call center applications:

  1. Centralized customer data: CRM call center software creates a centralized repository of customer information. It collects and organizes contact data from various touch points such as social media interactions, emailing, and phone calls.
  2. Efficient call routing: CRM in call centers considers skills levels, agent availability, and customer segmentation to ensure clients are connected with the most suitable representative.
  3. Proactive customer service: Rather than waiting to hear from disgruntled clients, you can contact them and offer assistance. Embrace the VIP customer experience by upselling, improving retention, incorporating virtual queuing, and more.
  4. Organizes contacts: CRM call center software automates and organizes contact records from various channels, including calendars, marketing automation tools, and third-party vendors. CRM call center systems also store call recordings so agents can easily listen to them from within the application. It's like having a call center cinema, where the dreams of customer inquiries unfold before your eyes.

By harnessing the power of this technology, businesses can accomplish their goals and ultimately increase the bottom line. Step into the CRM call center software world and unleash the magic in your customer relationships.

Advantages of Call Center CRM Systems

Advantages of Call Center CRM Systems

In the new-age business world, customer relationships are the key to success. Companies must go beyond standard service and embrace extraordinary experiences to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Before we look at the advantages, here are four reasons businesses require call center CRM solutions:



Supercharger customer interactions

With a few clicks, agents gain a dynamic view of customer interactions, allowing for problem-solving and personalized interactions.

Streamline operations

Free agents' time to concentrate on meaningful connections with a CRM call center application. From ticketing management to call routing, these solutions ensure team efficiency.

Harness data insights

Real-time analytics and comprehensive reporting become the trusty sidekicks, revealing valuable insights to unlock opportunities for growth and drive strategic decision-making.

Boost agent performance

From monitoring performance to call recording, these features sprinkle magic enabling continuous improvement and ensuring a high standard of service.

That aside let's dive into the advantages that CRM call center software brings to the table.

Strategic Planning

CRM call center solutions offer management features amalgamated with real-time data to optimize business performance. Supervisors or upper-level management can monitor data sets, including:

  • Revenue per call
  • Call volume
  • Upsell rates
  • Case times

This information allows businesses to augment sales and devise strategies that improve customer loyalty and retention.

Employee Evaluation

In call centers, where customer service reigns supreme, laziness, and insincerity are foes that aren't tolerated. But fear not, for the arrival of CRM call center software has given managers the power to identify the champions and guide the lost souls.

Gone are the days when managers had to rely on mere intuition or magic crystals to gauge employee performance. With the assistance of call center CRM software, they can now wield a mighty tracking tool that unveils the heroes and reveals the areas that require a touch enhancement.

No longer shall laziness be concealed for the watchful eye of CRM call center software uncovers the truth. It illuminates the path to improvement, helping managers craft personalized call center training sessions to awaken each agent's dormant potential.

With this magical software, call centers become hives of growth and development. Through captivating workshops and coaching sessions, agents merge with newfound skills and a burning desire to service customers with unwavering sincerity.

Automated Case Escalation

Why keep urgent calls waiting? With a click-to-call feature, customer care tasks are given the highest priority, granting them the attention they deserve—no more endless waiting or lost moments, keeping clients engaged.

Here are a few other reasons automated case escalation works:

  • Effortless call transfer
  • Immediate attention to urgent cases
  • Swift and seamless routing

Say goodbye to frustrated customers and hello to creating fantastic user experiences. With the power to prioritize and route calls, you become the superhero in the eyes of the customers.

CRM Call Center Features

CRM Call Center Features

The fascinating realm of call center CRM features is a place where client interactions are streamlined, agents are empowered, and incredible things are woven into the fabric of customer service. These features can transform how businesses engage with clients, providing a unified and personalized approach.

Join us on a journey unraveling the wonders of CRM call center software and the features that make them quintessential for agents.

Make Calls From a Single Dashboard

In the realm of cold calling, where connections are forged, and credibility is key, a cloud-based solution emerges as the ultimate weapon. With its built-in CRM with calling features, making outbound calls becomes a breeze, transporting your call center into a domain of effortless efficiency.

But that’s not all!

Prepare to transcend borders and expand your reach with the ability to pick local or toll-free numbers from different countries.

Want to establish credibility in Australia, the UK, or the US? No problem! Your cloud-based CRM grants you the power to wield virtual phone numbers, allowing you to build trust and appear local, no matter where your customers reside.

Multiple Communication Channels

A virtual CRM for call center systems integrates with multiple communications channels, illuminating the path to success. It empowers you to connect with prospects, engage better, and close more deals.

No longer bound by the limitations of fragmented communication, step into seamless integration, where every interaction matters.

Here are two ways that CRM call center software helps engage, connect, and conquer prospects:

  1. Manage multiple channels: CRM call center software allows you to make and receive calls, send DRIP emails and text, and synchronize customer data in a single platform. No more scattered efforts or juggling between applications; everything required to engage prospects and close deals is at your fingertips.
  2. Unleash the magic of live chat: Seamlessly manage and resolve customer queries while capturing leads directly from a website—the power to provide real-time support and convert site visitors into paying clients lies within your grasp.

CRM call center software and communication knows no boundaries. Experience the thrill of managing multiple channels from a single place, capturing leads effortlessly, and elevating the customer service experience to unparalleled heights.

Improved Team Collaboration

Imagine you're amid customer chaos, emails flooding in from all directions, and the pressure to collaborate seamlessly with your team makes the cranium pain.

Don't fret; the call center software offers easy team collaboration to rescue you from the abyss of disarray and catapult agent results to superhero levels.

Let's unveil the powers of a shared team workspace in CRM call center software:

  1. Lead assignment made easy: Assign leads directly, watch the workload balance magically, and let the team shine in their allocated roles of customer conquest.
  2. The power of mentions: As you navigate the treacherous waters of multiple customers at different stages, you can mention team members who need to be notified. That keeps everyone on the same page, shares crucial information as notes, and ensures no opportunity slips through your agency's fingers.
  3. Quick responses: Time is of the essence when working with leads and delivering top-notch customer service. With a shared team user interface, you can address issues or inquiries with superhero-like speed.

Bid farewell to chaotic email chains and unleash the potential of CRM call center collaboration features. The power of unity, streamlined lead assignments, and ultra-quick responses allow agents to conquer customer inquiries and deliver an experience that would make even the Avengers proud.

CRM in Call Center Considerations

Let’s explore the key considerations that’ll assist in harnessing the full potential of CRM call center software in your organization. Grab your headset and prepare for an adventure filled with insights and the secret sauce to conquer the call center universe.

Reputation and Experience in the Industry

Without sufficient expertise in the call center industry, CRM call center providers fall short when attempting to deliver the expected results. Consider the reputation and experience of the CRM call center software while searching for established companies with a proven track record in the industry.

One of the best ways to do this is to seek customer reviews and testimonials to gain insights and reports into performance, reliability, and commitment to customer success.

Ease of Use

Agents should be able to navigate effortlessly and quickly to access customer information, call logs, and essential data. Embrace a CRM call center software offering customizable workflows, fields, and sales dashboard KPIs.

The ability to configure the CRM call center software to match the unique contact center process ensures a tailored fit and empowers your team to work their magic.

Remember, a user-friendly interface sparks agent satisfaction and productivity while providing flexibility to unlock the full potential of all customer relationship management nuances.

Ability to Offer a Wide Range of Services

CRM call center software needs to go beyond basic call center functionalities. Look for additional features that help improve the customer and agent experience.

Attributes to look for include but are not limited to the following:

  • Self-service options
  • Live chat capabilities
  • Social media integrations
  • Email management

The ability to offer a wide range of services enables call centers to meet diverse customer requirements and adapt to changing communication preferences.

CRM for Call Centers - Effectiveness Measurements

CRM for Call Centers - Effectiveness Measurements

In the CRM call center universe, success hinges on more than just implementing the correct software. It’s critical to have a deep understanding of how to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your CRM call center operations.

In this insightful segment, we explore the key metrics and indicators that allow you to gauge the performance of your CRM call center software activities.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

One essential metric that holds significant importance in CRM call centers is Average Handle Time (AHT.) Its measures the average time agents spend on calls from the moment they begin until it concludes.

This crucial metric encompasses the entire customer interaction, including:

  • Any after-hours calls
  • Hold times
  • Talk times

AHT is a vital indicator of product vitality and efficiency within a call center. Unveiling the secrets of average handle times allow agencies to make informed decisions, balance quality and efficiency, and deliver top-notch customer service.

With a deep understanding of AHT, call center leaders can drive continuous improvement, boost agent performance, and ultimately accomplish success in the dynamic world of CRM call center software.

Average Interactions

Tracking the average interaction metric helps businesses understand the levels of customer engagement. The metric offers insights into how frequently clients interact with your call center, encompassing all communications channels that matter.

A high average interaction value indicates a strong customer relationship and active communication, while a low value might signal the need for increased outreach efforts.

Understanding the average interaction metric equips call centers with the knowledge to enhance customer engagement strategies, tailor personalized experiences, and nurture long-lasting relationships.

Case Reopens

Not all case resolutions are written in stone. Sometimes, like a persistent ex chasing down an old lover, a resolved case comes back to haunt you when a client reaches out again or the agent decides to crack open the case files.

These reviewed cases are marked with a "Pending" or "Open" status, adding a twist to the tale of customer satisfaction.

Enter the case reopens metric, the Sherlock Holmes of CRM call center analytics. This cunning metric unveils the number of times cases have risen from the ashes, shining a revealing light on potential issues.

In an ideal world, queries would be resolved once and for all, and their mysteries laid to result. But in the dynamic landscape of CRM call center platforms, the case reopening metrics serves as a reminder to strive for perfection.

It challenges call center solutions to:

  1. Dig deeper: Uncover underlying reasons behind case reopenings.
  2. Identify recurring issues: Pinpoint common themes or problems leading to unresolved cases.
  3. Implement preventive measures: Take proactive steps to prevent issues from resurfacing.

So grab your detective hat and embrace the mystery of case reopenings. By unraveling the secrets within this metric, businesses can ensure that resolutions stay true, customers remain satisfied, and the call center becomes a beacon of unrivaled customer service.

5 Best CRM Call Center Software

In the CRM call center software world, having the correct application can make all the difference. The best CRM call center programs are trusted allies, empowering companies to deliver exceptional customer service, automate workflows, and drive exponential organizational growth.

But with the sea of options available, finding the perfect match can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Explore expert recommendations as we dive into the best CRM call center software applications.




Hold onto your seats because we're about to reveal a little secret. Brace yourself. Yes, it's our very own product—Ringy!

Before you roll your eyes and think this is shameless self-promotion, let us assure you there is a method to our madness.

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But that's not all! Feast your eyes on this table highlighting the key reasons why Ringy stands head and shoulders above competitors:




Wave goodbye to repetitive tasks like dialing, texting, and spreadsheet management.


Engage with your hottest leads and deals through calls, emails, and texts.


Send automated SMS messages to your prospects with ease.

Mobile App

Access a feature-rich mobile application for on-the-go client management.

Local Presence

Automatically dial from local numbers to increase answer rates.

Lower CPA, Better ROI

Maximize your return on investment with improved efficiency.

Once you hop on board (and trust us, the onboarding process is painless and quick, not to mention free,) get ready to bid farewell to mind-numbing, repetitive tasks—no more dialing, texting, or drowning in spreadsheets. Say hello to a world where agents can concentrate on what truly matters: connecting with the hottest leads and sealing the deal.

Think it sounds too good to be true? Well, we don't blame you for being skeptical. But don't take our word for it; check out our glowing testimonials and rave reviews. Still not convinced? Shoot our friendly staff a message and request a demo.

The A2P 10DLC Legislation

A2P 10DLC, or Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code, is a regulatory standard in the United States that governs how businesses can send text messages to their customers. This legislation aims to ensure transparency, accountability, and improved message delivery in business-to-consumer text communications. It requires businesses to register and verify their messaging traffic to prevent spam and maintain the quality of SMS communication.

If you already have a Ringy account, you can easily register for A2P 10DLC by following the steps below:

  • Sign In/Sign Up: If you're not already a Ringy user, sign up for an account today.
  • Access A2P Registration: Once you're logged in, navigate to the A2P 10DLC registration section within Ringy's dashboard or settings. This is where you'll start the registration process as shown below.

Register for A2P

If you haven't completed your A2P 10DLC registration process yet, there's no need to delay marketing to your U.S. customers. Ringy has introduced an accessible solution for users in this situation.

You can now acquire a toll-free number through Ringy for just $10. This option offers businesses increased flexibility and guarantees compliance with A2P 10DLC regulations. Toll-free numbers are a dependable and widely recognized choice for sending business-related text messages, ensuring that you can maintain trust with both your customers and regulatory authorities.




This platform takes call management to a whole new level. With its innovative interface and advanced features, call centers can easily handle high call volumes while maintaining quality interactions.

RingCentral's robust call routing capabilities ensure every call reaches the correct agent, minimizing hold times and customer frustrations. Representatives can effortlessly transfer calls, set up conference calls, and utilize automated attendants in one centralized platform.

This provider also offers top-notch customer support. RingCentral's knowledgeable support team is readily available to assist with any technical issues or inquiries that may arise. Additionally, the software provides scalability, allowing call centers to dilate effortlessly as their organization grows.




Salesforce stands tall as a trailblazer. Renowned for its robust features and industry-leading reputation. The platform helps enterprises seeking to optimize sales processes and elevate customer interactions.

A standout attribute of Salesforce is its exceptional customization capabilities. The CRM call center software allows businesses to tailor the application to their needs, ensuring a personalized experience for agents and customers.

Salesforce's comprehensive analytics and reporting features provide companies with many actionable insights. The intuitive visualization and real-time reporting sales dashboard and KPIs offer a comprehensive view of sales performance. Allowing businesses to track key metrics, measure progress, and fine-tune strategies.

From small startups to multinational enterprises, Salesforce caters to the diverse needs of organizations across the globe. If you want to supercharge sales efforts, Salesforce is the best solution to drive growth, streamline workflows, and take your enterprise to new levels.




Zendesk is a widely recognized customer service and CRM call center software solution that provides various tools and features to help businesses manage their customer interactions effectively. Some of the key features of Zendesk as a CRM call center include the following:

  • Multi-Channel Support: Zendesk allows you to centralize customer interactions from various channels such as email, chat, social media, and phone calls, making it easier to provide consistent support.
  • Ticketing System: Zendesk offers a robust ticketing system that helps agents track, prioritize, and manage customer inquiries efficiently.
  • Automation: Automation tools help streamline repetitive tasks, route tickets to the right agents, and send automated responses for common issues.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Zendesk provides detailed analytics and reporting capabilities to track key performance metrics, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Integration: It offers a wide range of integrations with other software and tools, allowing you to connect your CRM with other business systems.
  • AI-Powered Chatbots: Zendesk's AI-powered chatbots can handle routine customer inquiries, freeing up agents for more complex tasks.




Nextiva is a comprehensive business communication platform that includes CRM and call center capabilities, designed to enhance customer interactions and communication within an organization.

Key Features of Nextiva:

  • Unified Communication: Nextiva provides unified communication solutions, including voice, video, and chat, enabling seamless communication within your team and with customers.
  • Call Center Functionality: It offers advanced call center features such as call queuing, call routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and call analytics.
  • CRM Integration: Nextiva integrates with popular CRM systems, ensuring that customer information is readily available to agents during calls, leading to more personalized interactions.
  • Voicemail to Email: Voicemails can be automatically transcribed and sent to agents' email inboxes, improving response times.
  • Call Recording: Nextiva allows call recording for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes.
  • Analytics and Reporting: It provides real-time and historical analytics to monitor call center performance, track call volume, and evaluate agent productivity.

CRM Call Center - Final Thoughts

If you're ready to augment your call center operations, it's time to embrace the power of CRM call center software. Say goodbye to the confusion and chaos of scattered customer data, missed opportunities, and lackluster performance.

However, not all CRM call center software is created equally.

Choose Ringy as your affordably priced wingman in customer relationship management for call centers, and watch your organization thrive. Ringy has covered everything from tracking leads, managing customer interactions, assigning tasks, and optimizing workflows!

So what are you waiting for?

Request a demo to discover how the power of Ringy's CRM call center software becomes the star of your agency's stage.

Skyrocket your sales with the CRM that does it all

Skyrocket your sales with the CRM that does it all.

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