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I most enjoy the fact that the CRM does all of the text/email follow ups for the leads inputted into the system and allows for you to log the activity you've had with the lead, knowing exactly where you are in your sales process. And of course the ability to have large campaigns to get in touch with all the leads in your system.

Nathan W. Licensed Insurance Agent

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With automation and drip campaigns, you can reach an unlimited number of prospects.. Segment your leads and create specific, relevant messages to keep them keen until it’s time to close the deal.

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  • 68%

    of sales professionals agree that having a single, unified view of the customer across departments is critical for success. (Salesforce)

  • 92%

    Of companies view CRM technology as an absolute must-have for achieving goals. (Super Office)

  • 47%

    of CRM users say that the technology has a very positive impact on overall customer satisfaction. (Capterra)

  • 91%

    of companies with more than 10 employees use a CRM to manage their customers. (CRM Magazine)

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