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I most enjoy the fact that the CRM does all of the text/email follow ups for the leads inputted into the system and allows for you to log the activity you've had with the lead, knowing exactly where you are in your sales process. And of course the ability to have large campaigns to get in touch with all the leads in your system.

Nathan W. Licensed Insurance Agent

Scale conversations with email & SMS

Long sales cycle? No problem. Craft a killer email drip campaign, set it on auto-pilot, and watch your response rate skyrocket. Replicate winning templates, personalize messages with ease, and automate responses.

Know exactly where your leads are at

Mark leads and contacts with custom labels so you can stay up to date without digging through notes. Be prepared for every conversation and personalize every interaction.

Speed up response time

Get instant notifications when a customer reads and replies to your email and SMS. With Ringy’s mobile CRM app, you can get back to prospects immediately and close deals faster.

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  • 54%

    of B2B marketers use a CRM to better collaborate with their sales team. (HubSpot)

  • 72.9%

    of CRM spending was on SaaS. (Gartner)

  • 74%

    of CRM users reported that their CRM gave them improved access to customer data. (Capterra)

  • 92%

    of businesses say a CRM helped them achieve revenue goals. (SuperOffice)

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