Turbocharged Power Dialer Add On

Built for sales teams, insurance agents, call centers, and any business where you need a robust outbound calling solution.

It takes up to 8 seconds to manually dial a number. 
Let our power dialer do it for you. 
Reach more clients, close more deals, and save your fingers.



Power Dialer Features

  • Turbocharged Power dialer
  • Unlimited voice minutes
  • Voicemail drops
  • Video conference 
  • Call Scripting (included) 
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Unlimited CALL RECORDING
  • Agent coaching

Easily Manage Leads

Create as many lead statuses as you need, and use customizable lead routing rules to ensure that the right leads are called at the right time.

Create Campaigns

Create multiple campaigns for each of your lead buckets. Customize which leads will be called when, and by which team members. 

Set Appointments and Meetings with One Click

Insurance agents can create client appointments with underwriters quickly and easily with calendar integration. Video or voice meetings can also be booked with colleagues or clients, with the option of audio and video recording.

Make Calls Effortless With Our ChatGPT-Powered AI Call Scripting Tool

Included with our Power Dialer. Create killer pitches and calling scripts with the click of a button:


Instant Script Creation

Craft personalized calling scripts within seconds by entering a few words, tailored to resonate with your customers. Get instant recommendations for improvements to make sure your script has the impact it needs.

Improve Your Existing Scripts with Ease

Transform your existing scripts instantly with the power of ChatGPT’s vast database. Benefit from insightful recommendations drawn from millions of datapoints to effortlessly refine your content.

Enhanced Connections

Build compelling and impactful calling scripts effortlessly. With just a click, create scripts that deepen your connection with customers, amplifying their engagement with your business.

Recall Scripts for Each Lead

No need to copy and paste or print out scripts for each lead that you’re dealing with. on the lead’s dashboard, simply choose the script you want to use and it’s ready to go.
Make Calls Effortless With Our ChatGPT-Powered AI Call Scripting Tool

Connect more and sell more with the power dialer that does it all

Track Your Progress

Real-time analytics provide a bird’s eye view of sales performance and show how close you are to crushing your sales goals.

Connect your Tech Stack

Custom integrations ensure that Ringy’s Power Dialer plays nice with the other software in your tech stack, so you can continue to drive revenue.


What Can Ringy’s Power
Dialer Do For You?

Save up to 45 mins daily compared to manual dialing

Scale outbound call volume up to 300%

Reduce dropped call rates to stay under 3%