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Ringy is Easy to Use, Straight out of the Box

Zoho is notoriously difficult to set-up, with many tweaks and integrations often needed to get sales teams up and running. On the other hand, Ringy offers free onboarding and set-up from its team of sales experts.

CRM & Cloud VoIP Softphone

Calls only available in the web application unless you add Zoho Voice

Click to Call Dialing

Yes, but locked behind a paywall


Lead Management System

Lead Distribution System

Reports and Analytics

Some reporting and analytics are locked behind higher plan tiers

Call Recording

Yes, but locked behind a paywall

Local Caller ID

SMS & Email Drip Automation

Some automation features are locked behind higher plan tiers


Sales Pipeline

Lead Distribution & Tags

Agent Coaching

Booking Calendar

Video Meeting

Mobile App

CSV Auto Mapping

Unlimited Contacts

SMS AI Tools

(add-on for $10/mo)

Call Scripting with AI

(add-on for $10/mo)


Ringy Has One Plan for Everyone

Zoho offers confusing tiered pricing that limits features for less expensive plans. Ringy offers one price that includes the entire CRM. Plus, we don’t differentiate between monthly and annual pricing.


$109 USD per month*


$15–52 USD per month (annual pricing, add 34% if you are a monthly subscriber)*

Switching to Ringy
Quick Setup

Switching to Ringy is Easy

Free onboarding and setup
24/7 customer support
Easy integration with your favorite apps