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34. What is a CRM API_

What is a CRM API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, allows you to connect the apps and tools you already use to Ringy’s platform. In other words, the API is like a middleman that helps Ringy communicate with the application that you’d like it to, making sure that the right information is seamlessly transferred to the CRM. Want to keep using that lead vendor that’s given you great prospects? Use Ringy’s API to connect the app to Ringy’s CRM.

We’ve made it easy for you to use our API to connect your existing apps and tools to Ringy, but if you need more assistance, our team is available to help.

35. What Can Ringy’s API do_

What Can Ringy’s API do?

  • Connect with any lead vendor
  • Enable the lead vendor of your choice to send you leads and have them automatically imported into Ringy’s CRM in real-time
  • Within the Ringy CRM, you can customize lead information fields to align with the information sent from your lead vendor
  • Set up your account to automatically make API requests for various events