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Some of the most beneficial features are the follow-up, the color coding of some of the different features and dispositions, the notes section, the ability to customize drip campaigns, as well as the screen-sharing feature. I highly recommend Ringy not only because of all the great features and the ease of use, but because the customer support has been phenomenal as well. 


Johann Kleisch Sr.

Life Insurance Agent at Real Financial/The Kleisch Group, LLC

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The reason I chose Ringy as my CRM was because of the automated text messages. It allows me to reach more people in a short period of time. Because of the agent coaching, I'm able to connect with my team through Ringy, keep track of their calls and be able to coach them while they're on a call to help them out while they're in the middle of presentations and sales. Because my personal calendar also links with their calendar which prevents overbooking.


Katrina Pierre

Agency Owner, Top Notch Life Group 

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As an old market researcher. I kind of philosophically believe that there's no such thing as a 10/10, but Ringy answers every need that I have. So I guess I have to give them a 9.9 they're really just a good product. So try it. You'll like it.


Ted Toburen

Life Insurance Broker, Family First Life

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My recommendation for anybody that's considering Ringy is basically you know, give yourself a chance to have a meeting with the Ringy representative. For me. It was Robbins. Robbins did an excellent job, pretty much going through all of the main features that I would be using for my kind of business, which is health insurance. Ringy representatives are always very supportive, they're always there to explain to give training and to give coaching if you need it. 


Frank Hernandez and Eric Rodriguez

Founders and Medicare Advisor

Frank Hernandez and Eric Rodriguez

I chose Ringy for several reasons. Firstly, it's incredibly user-friendly. Whether I'm using the computer or the app, the layout and functionality are consistent and easy to navigate. This is especially important for managing client communication on the go. Additionally, Ringy's automation features streamline backend tasks, such as calendar management and sending text messages. With no exaggeration, I would rate Ringy a 9 or 10 out of 10. 


William Rapp

Vice President, FFL Exclusive


Ringy Helps Businesses Across Multiple Industries Boost Their Sales and Customer Satisfaction

CRM that Does More than Most! 

Pros: Ease of scheduling texts and emails to potential clients as well as current clients, can set up different marketing campaigns, keep in touch with current clients, somewhat customizable, integration with Google calendar is a lifesaver, mobile app saves time as well.

Top CRM in the Game

The ability to flow from text to email to calls at the click of a mouse. The ability to customize the CRM for my own business needs. The continue effort in improving customer interface. I have no complaints. One of the best marketing tools any sales organization should be using.

Overall This Product Increased My Sales by Double Year Over Year!

Easy to use, Marketing Automation, Increased CPA, Local Presence dialing. iSalesCRM has made the sales process simple and effective. Brad also is always ready to answer your questions and makes all the difference in the world. The software is full of features and is always adding new and better ones to continue to improve and have an edge over its competitors. It is definitely responsible for my success and I recommend it to everyone.


It Has Been a Great Experience and Helped Out a lot with My Follow-up Process

The follow-up process, and the pipeline feature. I'm able to call more leads with the pipeline feature and connect with more leads. Also adding a vendor to Ringy is very simple.



Being able to create tags and automated actions is definitely the key to success with this. The automated text is obvious but being able to put leaves into categories automatically is where it's at 

Great Service When You're Not in the Office

This service acts as my personal assistant. Especially when I am out of the office, the leads are immediately contacted.

Terrific CRM for Online Sales!

The text/email drip feature is the best feature. you can set up weeks of drips to go out to prospective buyers. This level of follow-up helps you stand out in a big way. Linking your Calendly to a text drip to help get appointments is also a wonderful tool.


Greatest CRM! 

I absolutely LOVE how iSales can be set up to respond to a lead immediately with a text, email, or both that goes out to a new prospective lead as soon as it enters your system. For me, it's literally like having another personal assistant.

Great CRM!

I like that all my calls are routed to my cell when I am away from my computer and that I can set up automated texts and emails to help with the admin side of my job. It helps me keep take of my appointments and call backs with clients.