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Salesforce is a powerful CRM, but it sure isn’t easy to use. It takes months to learn Salesforce, and years to master it. This investment may be worth it for large, enterprise organizations, but for SMBs? It’s a solution that goes overboard with features and functionality.

CRM & Cloud VoIP Softphone

Extra cost for integration

Click to Call Dialing

Extra cost for integration


Available for an additional cost as an add-on license.

Lead Management System

Lead Distribution System

Reports and Analytics

Call Recording

Extra cost for integration

Local Caller ID

Extra cost for integration

SMS & Email Drip Automation


Sales Pipeline

Lead Distribution & Tags

Agent Coaching

Extra cost for integration

Booking Calendar

Video Meeting

Mobile App

CSV Auto Mapping

Unlimited Contacts

SMS AI Tools

(add-on for $10/mo)

Call Scripting with AI

(add-on for $10/mo)


One Price. One Solution.

Because Salesforce is such a behemoth, determining pricing for the mix of products that the company offers takes signifiant research. Ringy is one price for the whole CRM, no limits.


$109 USD per month*


Starts at $25 plus cost of add-ons and integrations*

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