Organize Email Leads and Stay Connected

 Ignite sales conversations with smart email tracking, templates, and alerts

Incorporate email with your CRM like these Ringy users:

20. Automate, automate, automate

Create Automated Email Campaigns that Sell For You

Who says outreach has to be difficult? Email leads automatically based on set triggers to keep your company at front of mind. With Ringy, you can send unlimited emails to your prospects.

Keep Your Email Leads Organized and Engaged

Facilitate Connections and Send Personalized Emails with the Click of a Button.

Effortlessly stay connected with leads no matter where they are in your sales pipeline.

Use Industry-Specific Templates or Create Your Own
Use Templates to Streamline Communications
Choose from our library of email templates by industry, lead, or campaign type, or create your own.
Automatically Personalize Each Email
Automatically Personalize Each Email
Ringy will automatically pull lead details, such as lead name and company name, so each email you send is personalized.
See Open and Response Rates
See Open and Response Rates
The activity log gives you the information you need to discover which emails land on the mark and which need adjusting. 
Always Follow Up on Time
Always Follow Up on Time
Find out the best time to email leads by analyzing the times when stats are the highest.
Focus on Selling
Focus on Selling
Email campaigns run in the background, so salespeople can focus on selling and less on email management.

Email leads a personalized message at the right time.

Schedule Email Drip Campaigns

Use targeted drip campaigns to engage with new leads and nurture existing ones.


21. Email marketing ROI is 44_1