The Ultimate Softphone App and CRM for Ambitious Sales Teams

Stop being grounded by dated systems.

Get ready to launch your sales into the stratosphere with one fast, intiutiive, and affordable platform.


Softphone Features



Focus on fine-tuning your pitch, Ringy handles the rest

Agents can take calls within the platform and divert calls to their smartphone or another agent. This flexibility supports multi-tasking sales teams who need to make notes, adjust call lists, and check details while pitching to prospects.

Cloud VoIP Softphone

Click to call, coach, and conferencing

Ringy has a built-in softphone, enabling agents to make calls, SMS, and emails from their internet connection. Agents can receive discreet coaching from their upline during their calls, and sales teams can collaborate effortlessly using the divert and conference functions.

Local ID

Be familiar no matter where you’re calling from

First impressions are crucial for cold calling. Sales agents using unknown numbers immediately start on the wrong foot, as prospects dismiss calls as spam or untrustworthy. Ringy’s Smart local ID connects your call to a prospect’s state ID. It’s linked to your account, so prospects can call you back on the same number.

See how each of these features improves your sales process.


Eliminate Tedious Tasks and Focus on Sales

Ringy takes care of repetitive tasks and nurtures your leads via SMS and email until they’re ready for you to close the sale. Say goodbye to tedious admin sessions and focus on finetuning your pitch!


Email and SMS



Send personalized emails in less time

Market your service, get to know new prospects, or keep in touch to keep things moving. Do you have a winning line? Make it a template and send it to as many leads as you like at the most effective time. Emails can be as automated or personalized as you please, sent alone or as part of a strategic drip campaign.


Reach prospects easier than ever

Text messages are more personal and easier to respond to. With Ringy, you can send a clever SMS to as many leads, at whatever time, and with whatever message that’ll work. With your inbox on your dashboard, you can automate responses or answer in real-time to create a personalized chat.
Drip Campaigns-1

Drip Campaigns

The smartest way to nurture leads

Ringy helps you drive ROI by staying in constant contact with thousands of prospects, using personalized SMS and emails sent at just the right time. The platform automatically adapts messages based on your lead’s personal details and includes useful templates made to suit your business.

Delight and engage your leads with cutting-edge tools.

Boost Your CRM Experience with Our AI Tool for SMS

For just $10/month, you can add these powerful features to your CRM:

Suggest a Reply

Respond to clients quickly with AI-generated responses that are based on conversation history, saving you time and effort.

Improve Text

Say what you want in the best way. AI-enhanced clarity and tone ensure you're putting your best foot forward when communicating with clients.

AI Chat Bot

Respond to leads in seconds with instant suggested replies, automatically sent to your iOS or Android device.


Add the AI Tool for SMS to your Ringy subscription and improve your communications effortlessly.


Integrate Ringy with the Sales Tools you Already Use:


Organize, Manage, and Track Calls and Leads


Organize contacts

Keep track of each customer and lead

Add leads yourself, import a fat stack of them, or integrate a lead vendor so they can come in automatically. Agents can see a prospect’s full history at a glance and hit the ground running before a call. You can group your contacts by organization, stage in your sales pipeline, or level of contact.
Manage Your Pipeline

Manage Your Pipeline

Turn prospects into customers

Customize your call lists and pipeline to suit your targets. Ringy integrates with your calendar, so your workflow is accessible and customizable. Your prospects can schedule appointments themselves, and Ringy can create them automatically.
Track and Manage Leads

Track and Manage Leads

Always know how close your leads are to becoming customers

Ringy is your sales assistant, on your desktop and in your pocket. You’ll get instant updates from your prospects and your team, so you’ll never miss a beat. Ringy enables busy sales teams to maintain personalized relationships with prospects while scaling their performance.

Stay organized and sales-ready with Ringy.

Insights _ Reports
Insights & Reports

View performance, Growth, and Opportunities at a Glance

Ringy provides managers with the insights they need to make impactful decisions. With a click, you’ll receive agent performance, lead ROI and CPA, revenue, open rates, and conversion rates updated to the minute detail. With deeper insights, you can adapt what isn’t working and capitalize on what is.


Mobile App
Mobile App

Take Your CRM and Softphone App on the Go

Ringy lets you take your dashboard with you. Your desktop and mobile platform connect seamlessly. Divert a call to your mobile in an instant for a sales pitch on the move. Our mobile app is compatible with iPhone and Android.


Privacy and Security

Your Sensitive Data is Safe with Ringy

Ringy supports businesses of all sizes with state-of-the-art security testing to identify and fix any slight vulnerabilities. You can adapt access to different members of your team, so valuable information is only visible to the right people. We’re constantly working to ensure that prospect’s data is protected.

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