SMS Automation Drives Revenue

With a 98% open rate, SMS has the power to turn a message into a sale—and SMS automation means you can do it without lifting a finger.

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7. Powerful and consistent communication (1)

Powerful and consistent communication

With Ringy’s automated SMS campaigns, you can send the same engaging text message to an unlimited number of prospects or customers. By ensuring consistency, you uphold best practices across your sales team and see immediate results. Human error? Eliminated.

SMS is Your Most Powerful Sales Tool

Leverage SMS to sell for you

Take advantage of a communications channel with a 98% open rate to reach customers and leads at the right time.

Maximize Speed to Lead-1
Maximize Speed to Lead
Use automated SMS to contact your leads as soon as they come in. Spark engaging conversations, qualify your leads, and beat the competition every time.
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Send Messages at the Perfect Time
SMS analytics helps you identify the best time to contact leads. Schedule and automate your messages, measure the results, and optimize.
Nurture Prospects-2
Nurture Prospects
Stay front of mind with automated SMS campaigns that appeal to your lead’s interests and convince them to buy.
Use Preset Replies-1
Use Preset Replies
Don’t type out the same response over and over. Preset replies give prospects instant next steps.
Personalization at scale
Personalization at scale
Automatically input the lead’s name to send personalized messages at scale.
Adjust Strategies with Actionable Data
Adjust Strategies with Actionable Data
See your SMS messages, responses, and results across all your leads and across your teams with Ringy’s intuitive dashboard.

SMS confirmations, appointment reminders, and more mean customers stay informed.

Competitive Pricing Means You Can Send Automated SMS at Scale

Competitive Pricing Means You Can Send Automated SMS at Scale

A subscription nets you 1000 outbound texts monthly, and additional outbound texts are only $0.01 each.


Leverage Personalized SMS Automation with AI

Leverage Personalized SMS Automation with AI

Email and automated personalized SMS are a match made in heaven for skyrocketing your open rates. Add the AI Tool for SMS to your Ringy subscription for only $10 per month.