Ringy is the Salesmate Alternative that Lets you Keep in Touch with Leads For Less

Ringy doesn’t make you pay extra to reach leads with Drip Campaigns

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Clear Pricing For a Sales and Marketing CRM that Helps You Get it Done

Ringy and Salesmate are very similar platforms, but have different philosophies on pricing. While Salesmate goes with tiered pricing that limited features, Ringy has one price for the whole CRM, and optional add-ons that enhance your experience.

CRM & Cloud VoIP Softphone

Click to Call Dialing


Lead Management System

Lead Distribution System

Reports and Analytics

Call Recording

Local Caller ID

SMS & Email Drip Automation


Sales Pipeline

Lead Distribution & Tags

Agent Coaching

Booking Calendar

Video Meeting

Mobile App

CSV Auto Mapping

Unlimited Contacts

SMS AI Tools

(add-on for $10/mo)

Call Scripting with AI

(add-on for $10/mo)


Straightforward Pricing Means No Surprises

Salesmate has a lot of the same features as Ringy, but the pricing and add-ons can throw a wrench into your daily sales and marketing operations. Ringy gives you access to unlimited communications so you can keep lead nurturing on track.


$109 USD per month*


Starts at $12 USD per month (not including add-ons for file storage, contacts, etc.)*

Quick Setup

Get a Complete CRM Experience for Less

Free onboarding and setup
24/7 customer support
Easy integration with your favorite apps