CRM Use Cases for Every Industry

From Finance to SaaS, skyrocket your sales and increase the productivity and efficiency of your sales team.

These Businesses Trust Ringy

Streamline Your Sales With These CRM Features

Challenges with lead management, contact organization, or spending too much time on admin tasks? Ringy takes care of it all.


Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the SaaS sales process is often longer than selling a physical product. Don’t lose track of your sales pipeline, Automatically categorize new and existing leads and keep them engaged with SMS and email drip campaigns.


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Remote Sales

Distributed teams? No worries. Keep everyone on the same page when it comes to prospects, customers, and sales using one platform.


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Financial Services

Dealing with money and how to manage it is complex. Effectively build relationships with your customers with a CRM that lets you easily recap the context of conversations for each customer and lead at a glance.


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Selling peace of mind to protect life and business assets requires a CRM that can handle a complex sales process. Deliver a seamless sales experience for your customers with Ringy.


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Effectively organize clients and cases to deliver the best legal service possible with Ringy. Stay connected to your clients no matter where you are.


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Small Business

Get calling and marketing features to support your small business without breaking the bank.


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Focus on recruiting top talent with calling, email, and SMS features that simplify your outreach.


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Boost productivity, gain efficiencies, and lower your cost per acquisition with a CRM that helps you generate revenue.


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Make sales calls, manage leads, track sales performance, and maintain your sales pipeline as you grow your business.


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Unmatched customer experiences require a CRM that can handle it all.



Complete tasks and communicate with customers without lifting a finger.



Stay connected with your customers and team wherever you go.



Make better strategic decisions with reports and insights.