What is a VoIP Caller: Your Complete Guide on Corporate VoIP System

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Your phone rings. That familiar Lady Gaga song you have as your ringtone.

You stare down at the screen's readout and think: “This VoIP caller keeps calling me!”

So, who is VoIP caller? Or more accurately, what is a VoIP caller?

Well, the TL;DR version is that a VoIP caller is someone calling from a voice-over-internet-protocol system, which just means the call's routed through an internet connection instead of cell towers or wires. But if we're digging into the meat of the situation, a VoIP system is a digital phone system your sales team should be using. Right now.

VoIP business lines jumped from 6.2 million to 41.6 million between 2010 and 2018. That's a growth increase of 570%.

A VoIP system will increase productivity, reduce costs, boost flexibility, and even make the call for you (if you're using a power dialer, that is)!

Ready to up your phone game, boost sales, and improve efficiency?

We thought so. Let's define VoIP caller.

What is a VoIP Caller?

The quick answer is that a VoIP caller is somebody calling who's using voice over internet protocol system instead of a traditional phone line.

What is VoIP? It's a digital, internet-based phone system that's kicking some serious butt. It makes a connection using the internet rather than your average wires and poles set-up and allows for more than just talking.

With VoIP you can:

  1. Text and send instant messages
  2. Record calls
  3. Make free international calls
  4. Dial with a simple click to call functionality
  5. Send voicemail-to-email

What Does VoIP Caller Mean on Caller ID?

So let's define VoIP caller.

It isn't shifty or mysterious, it simply means the person or business trying to make contact is using a VoIP phone. It's really no different than any other call.

We hear a lot of folks ask “What is a VoIP caller on my phone and is it malicious?”.

There's no reason to outright mistrust VoIP callers. Scams can take place via:

  1. VoIP calls
  2. Cellphone calls
  3. Landline calls

It's just like any other phone system, but people are a little uncertain because it's new technology. This happens to anything new.

People in the 1920s thought jazz caused divorce.


How wicked.

Benefits of VoIP Caller for a Sales Team

The benefits of a VoIP softphone for a sales team are nigh uncountable.

You know it's serious business when we talk all fancy.


But I think you'll find that VoIP systems have so much to offer even far after implementing it. You'll keep finding new benefits.

The pros are far more numerous than the 8 points we list here…but let us show you anyway, alright?

Reduced costs

VoIP systems can save you money? You bet your boots they can.

Start-ups can see a cost reduction of 90% just by implementing VoIP systems alone.

Here's a quick summary of the potential savings you can experience by adopting VoIP phones:

Direct cost savings

Indirect cost savings

PBX costs

Allows flexible remote work

  • Increases productivity
  • Cuts down on utilities
  • Less office space

Copper wiring charges

Extra features included

Calling costs

Auto-attendant is basically an included secretary

Recurring expenses

  • Taxes
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

Easy call recording and coaching improve employee work performance and increase skills

It isn't a big shocker that the average savings when an organization adopts VoIP is 30 - 50%.

And on top of that, VoIP costs are expected to decrease 5% every year. So it's only getting cheaper.

More scalability

Every business owner wants to scale their company and grow – so it goes to figure that every business owner wants easy scalability and growth potential.

What is a VoIP caller system when it comes to company growth?

Think of a phone system that has no physical phone lines, no expensive hardware, and no additional setup. Are you planning on hiring five new agents? Or are you just getting a few temps for a big project?

Either way, you're going to be able to quickly add new lines to your VoIP plan on a whim without all the prep and hassle.

You really don't want complicated phone lines to be the thing holding back your business' growth.

Accessibility, portability, flexibility

Businesses using VoIP save an estimated 32 call minutes a day. That may not seem impressive until you consider that's 11,000 minutes per year.

And it's all due to flexibility.

You save a lot of time when you can connect anywhere, right when you need to.

Forget how rigid in-office phones were, with VoIP you can:

  1. Direct calls to available employees
  2. Have voicemail emailed to you
  3. Connect staff all around the country and all around the world
  4. Take calls on your mobile (yup, even at Big Kahuna Burger)

Pretty great, right?


We wholeheartedly agree.

Plus, a CRM dialer is automatically going to boost productivity and save your reps a huge chunk of time.

More than a phone

What is a VoIP caller system on its own? Only making calls and no extra functionality? No bells and whistles?

Not a very good VoIP system.

Unlike your boring ol' traditional phone, VoIP phones are basically the futuristic phones you see in sci-fi shows. During a VoIP call, you can send:

  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Images

Basically anything you can send through a chat program – kind of like Discord or WhatsApp.

Plus, you can have VoIP texting right along with your phone. VoIP texting allows you to have easy text drip campaigns, text-based customer service, or just quick and easy texting between sales reps.

Not to mention automated text reminders for meetings, presentations, and more.

Highly reliable

One of the main voiced complaints of VoIP systems is that if the internet goes down, so does your call.

Don't listen!

Maybe that's the way it used to be, but we've gotten around little problems like that by implementing call forwarding to mobile phones or any other device you like.

And that means that bad weather and power outages no longer threaten your VoIP system – and it doesn't have the possibility of downed phone lines like traditional phones.

It's almost like it has no weaknesses.

Simple support and maintenance

Don't you just love calling in professional phone repair people and having them wander around your office all day looking for issues?

Oh, wait. No, you don't. No one does.

With a hosted VoIP phone system setup and installation are simple, all maintenance and updates are taken care of for you, and adding users and changing system configuration is done in a minute.

Support with a VoIP system is easy and straightforward, so you'll rarely ever need professional help with them. This means you don't need an IT department, either – at least specifically for the VoIP setup.

Increased security and privacy

That's right – VoIP can actually be safer and more secure than a regular phone. Thanks to features like:

  1. Call encryption
  2. Real-time call monitoring
  3. No wiretapping or line cutting
  4. Tracking call logs to help prevent fraudulent activity
  5. Frequent updates and team support to keep security tight

VoIP absolutely dominates security over traditional phone systems, but it does have its own unique issues with privacy. Although these issues are directly linked to how good your VoIP provider is at keeping you secure.

Ringy has top-notch security and privacy practices. We're constantly at work ensuring safety for all your sensitive data.

Plus, because VoIP is a fairly new system, innovations in security happen almost daily. Landline security slowed down a long time ago.

Seamless integration with other business systems

We're just guessing your business utilizes other systems in order to get through a day's work.


Don't give us that look.

VoIP phones easily integrate with a number of different systems and programs. It may even already be a part of a larger system (like Ringy's all-in-one CRM *cough cough*).

This can save your reps time when bringing up notes and customer details. They can easily add notes or record a transcription during a live call. This means that VoIP info can be used for CRM data and analytics.

Integration with VoIP can help sales reps operate efficiently and skyrocket their customer service. And those analytics can be used to improve their skills, monitor their performance, and track quota progress.

How to Choose a VoIP System

How to Choose a VoIP System

Now, now, don't rush off quite yet.

“But look at all the benefits…” you say, starry-eyed.

We understand. But not all VoIP systems are built the same and we want you to get the best possible program for your business.

So here are the top considerations when choosing a VoIP system.

Cost and features

Is a more expensive system better? Is a cheaper one inherently bad?


It really depends on the features the system has versus the cost. One VoIP system might charge extra for a feature that another system has included in the base subscription. Some more expensive programs might include an array of fancy features that seem tantalizing…but your company doesn't need them.

Why pay the premium price for international calling if your business is all domestic? Or better yet, why pay extra for international calling when some VoIP providers throw that in the base package?

And to think, VoIP is going to reduce your costs anyway – but weighing the features against the cost is going to save you even more money.

VoIP texting

Remember how we talked about the benefits of VoIP texting earlier?

Some VoIP systems don't have that.


Choosing a VoIP system with texting is one of the smartest moves you can make in your decision. VoIP texting can offer:

  • Automated text drip campaigns
  • Automated text reminders
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Scheduling notifications
  • Communication between team members
  • Customer service

VoIP texting might just be your secret weapon in a digital marketing CRM campaign, so it's crucial that your system includes it.

Did you know that 95% of all SMS marketing messages are read and responded to within three minutes?

Like we said. Crucial.

Third-party integrations

You really don't want to spend half your day switching between tabs, migrating to new tech, or the dreaded…

Re-entering data into a new program.

It's enough to give you shivers.

Seamless third-party integrations will ensure your VoIP experience is top-notch: smooth, streamlined, and efficient. Consider the integrations your target VoIP has to offer and how they could benefit you.

It could be integration with your CRM, Google, Facebook, or others – but if you don't have to be clicking from one program to another, re-typing info, transferring files…

Salespeople already only spend 35% of their day actually selling. Let's not let that number get any lower.

VoIP-enabled CRM

What is a VoIP caller system without extra features, like being an all-in-one CRM?

Really, we're asking. We've never known anything else.

You can forget researching a CRM integrated VoIP system if you just grab a VoIP-enabled CRM system from the start, like Ringy.

CRM phone integration offers so much more than a one-and-done VoIP system.

Let's compare our darling Ringy to a couple of plain VoIP phones and see the results:





VoIP softphone




Lead management



Task automation



Drip campaigns



Performance insights and analytics




Pipeline management



Progress tracking



Video conference




See? It really is true that when you buy a CRM with included VoIP, you're getting the most bang for your buck.

Local presence dialing (AKA local caller ID)

Local presence dialing improves call answer rates.

No wait, let us emphasize that a bit.

Local presence dialing blasts call answer rates to the moon.


People are 4X more likely to answer an unknown call from a local area code.

And certain VoIP systems include local caller ID right in the base subscription so you can reap the benefits of those call answer rates.

Your sales rep will immediately be connected to a prospect's state ID so they can start off on the right foot. The number is then logged into the system so the prospect can easily call you back.

That way, no matter where you are, you'll always be familiar.

Support team and maintenance

Most hosted VoIP platforms have included support, maintenance, and updates – but not every help team is the same.

Is the VoIP vendor known for great support? Does the system get regular updates?

It's worth looking into any given system's help and support team to identify a few key points:

  1. Is support included in the plan or is it extra?
  2. Do reviews of the product reflect good customer service or not?
  3. Is the support team 24/7?
  4. Does it get regular, efficient updates?

Don't assume every program will have a support team as amazing as Ringy's.

5 Best VoIP Systems for Your Sales Team

What is a VoIP caller? Check. What are the benefits and considerations? Check.

Now that you've really nailed down those points, we bet you're looking for the best available VoIP system on the market. Well, we've got news for you.

That's right, even after all the help we've offered we still have more to give.

Let's list off a few top-class VoIP systems to get you started.

1. Ringy



We really can't list off the best VoIP phones and not mention Ringy.

Ringy's simple click-to-call VoIP softphone allows agents to call, text, and email all from their internet connection alone. Sales coaching, conferencing, drip campaigns, and more are made easy.

It includes progressive dialers, local ID, 24/7 support, a mobile app, detailed analytics, and integrations with Google, Facebook, and Zapier. Plus, it has “pipeline dialing” especially for sales teams, where you can sort your leads into “buckets” based on certain criteria, like if they've received a quote or not.

Plus, it only costs $109 / user/month – and we haven't even gone into the CRM capabilities.

2. Nextiva



Nextiva is a VoIP system, team collaboration tool, and customer service software that aims to simplify your business communications just a little bit more.

With features like SMS, analytics, call recording, and conference calls, it certainly stands out as a great VoIP contender.

Its SMS and messaging are its biggest weaknesses, having a short character limit and generally just being a bit lackluster.

Its most popular package is $20 / user/month, which isn't too shabby for this nice little system.

3. Grasshopper



For entrepreneurs, side hustles, and brand new companies, Grasshopper is a VoIP provider built for small businesses. It includes custom greetings, call handling, and 24/7 support at a very reasonable price.

Plus, it features a mobile app, automated text-back for missed calls, easy call routing, and an auto-attendant which is pretty impressive for a smaller system.

Its lack of CRM integration, other third-party integration, and video conferencing leave it somewhat disappointing. Although it isn't too much of a problem if you're just starting out.

Its plans range from $29 - $89 / month, with varying amounts of phone numbers and extensions per plan.

4. Ooma



Ooma is a VoIP system that's aimed at small businesses, enterprises, and even residential home use. It promises easy setup, great support, and quality customer service.

Video conferencing, mobile app, voicemail, call forwarding, call recording, auto-attendant, and more are all great qualities for a VoIP phone to sport. However, video conferencing and call recording are only available in the Pro package.

Also, it doesn't have Wi-Fi right off the bat. You'll need a separate Wi-Fi adapter for $49.99.

The Pro tier is $25 / user/month.

5. Ring Central

Ring Central


Ring Central is a reliable VoIP phone system aiming to bring robust features to small and mid-size businesses that were previously only available to large companies.

It features analytics, business SMS, a mobile app, and integrations with Google, Microsoft, Box, and Okta. So it's a pretty solid program.

Its biggest issue is its customer service and support. Users complain about being on hold for way too long, transferred continually between departments, and even hung upon. Ouch.

Its most popular pricing package is $34.99 / user/month.

VoIP Caller Success Stories

We know we've done a great job telling you about the wonderful world of VoIP – but we like to go that extra mile.

So we gathered a few success stories of businesses that gave VoIP phones a try and reduced their costs, upped their efficiency, and improved customer relations.

Three different systems? James opted for all-in-one

CRM Software review


James, looking for software for his small business, was considering buying Salesforce, SMS software, and VoIP software – but Ringy was a better value as an all-in-one platform with a myriad of features.

He loves consistent upgrades and updates, saying Ringy improves in organization and ease of use every day. It's basically his personal assistant, automating little tasks and handling prospects like a pro.

James says it's a little more expensive than some of the cheapest VoIP options, but with CRM functionality, email, and SMS marketing, it does so much more.

Seibert Insurance Agency's phone provider lacked flexibility

Tampa Bay-based insurance agency Seibert was seeking an easy way to scale their business after hiring new remote agents and their old phone system was holding them back.

Before switching to VoIP, Seibert's phone systems were spotty and inconsistent, providing disappointing support and service. After adopting a VoIP program, they were surprised with a reliable, clear connection that provided HD communication.

Though best of all, it allowed their business to grow by easily accommodating their new remote agents where they couldn't before. Plus, it benefitted the in-office employees alike. Being able to transfer calls and participate in conference calls, it's like the remote workers were right there in the office with everyone else.

ABB was using costly, dated tech

American Business Bank (ABB) is a small group of experienced bankers that has served thousands of clients, making them a top middle-market business bank in the US. They like putting an emphasis on customer service, which is why their outdated tech was killing them.

They found their dated tech had growing maintenance costs, a limited-service desk, lackluster customer-facing communication, and more.

Hello, VoIP!

Easy 24/7 support, user-friendly service, an online portal, CRM integration for intelligent staff-member interaction, customization, and personalization…

And the tightest security they've ever had.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I answer a VoIP call?

Sure! There's nothing to be afraid of – it's like any other call.

What is a VoIP caller? Not inherently a scammer. VoIP calls are just like cell phone and landline calls, except they are made through the internet.

Go ahead and answer. Just use your common sense and if they tell you they're a Nigerian prince who needs money…then they might be a scammer. ;)

Can you trace a VoIP number?

All VoIP numbers are traceable, but most people don't go to the trouble unless there's a real need for it.

There are many different methods. It can be done through VoIP service providers, various third-party apps, or even the VoIP number's domain name.

You can't do anything on the internet without leaving a data trail.

Why would someone use a VoIP number?

VoIP isn't some shifty practice that grifters and swindlers use – VoIP phones are utilized by insurance agents, healthcare workers, salespeople, banks, and more.

And they're used purely because they're cost-efficient, easy to use and make all these businesses run faster and smoother.



We think we've sufficiently answered the “What is a VoIP caller?” question today. A VoIP caller is nothing more complicated than a person or company calling from an internet-based phone system.

And what company wouldn't want to be calling from a VoIP softphone? They provide convenient automation, accessibility, portability, smooth program integration, and allow easy scalability.

And the ROI far outweighs the monthly subscription cost.

If you want to take a dive into VoIP yourself, request a demo with Ringy so you can start enjoying a VoIP system as well as a top-notch CRM.

Skyrocket your sales with the CRM that does it all

Skyrocket your sales with the CRM that does it all.

Calling? Check. SMS? Check. Automation and AI? Check. Effortlessly keep in touch with your customers and boost your revenue without limits.

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