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A sales professional must have the right tools to close deals. Not only do you need to stay organized and efficient, but you also need an edge to get ahead of the competition.

This is where sales apps come in - they can help you manage customer relationships, keep track of sales processes, and even offer insights into your data to help you make better decisions.

In this article, we will discuss why businesses need the best sales apps for their reps, the benefits of these apps, their characteristics, and challenges, and provide an overview of some of the best apps on the market today.

How about it, should we "app-ly" ourselves to the task at hand? Let's get started!

Why Do Businesses Need Apps for Sales Reps?

Why Do Businesses Need Apps for Sales Reps

Businesses need apps for sales reps for various reasons. Sales apps can help you automate mundane tasks and make them more efficient, track customer interactions and sales information, collect data that can be used to generate insights into trends, and offer up-to-date analytics about your performance.

Sales reps also need to stay connected with customers at all times-especially when they're on the go! Having an app on their phones or tablets can help reps stay connected and get quick updates about deals, orders, customer information, etc.

7 Benefits of Using Sales Apps

Sales apps offer a variety of benefits to businesses and sales professionals. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Time and Cost Savings

Never miss a beat with the help of an automated sales app! Generate and send invoices, enter data faster than ever, follow up with customers in minutes, not days, monitor customer interactions in real-time, and respond to inquiries promptly.

Moreover, automation helps streamline mundane processes, thus reducing human errors and increasing accuracy.

IT and engineering leaders have seen a remarkable impact in the time and money saved due to process automation. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of executives report that their teams save at least 11-30% more time, while 59% say costs are reduced by as much as 11-30%.


As a result, businesses save on labor costs and overhead expenditures while boosting efficiency.

2. Easier and Accurate Tracking

Businesses can use tracking tools to track customer trends, monitor campaign success rates, and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs).

This allows them to gain valuable insights into their sales process and make informed decisions about which strategies work best for them. Apps for sales reps also enable marketers to identify potential growth opportunities and adjust accordingly.

Through tracking capabilities such as geolocation data, retailers can pinpoint exactly where customers are located to better target campaigns for increased effectiveness.

3. Better Connection with Customers

Using the best sales apps also allows businesses to connect easily with customers anywhere in the world. These tools provide secure access points where users can access various features such as:

  • Inventory management,
  • Chatbot integration,
  • Order fulfillment, and
  • Order tracking in just a few clicks.

With connectivity features like these, it's easy for business owners to keep customers informed at all times while ensuring maximum satisfaction levels through quick response times and quality customer support services.

4. Insights & Analytics

By leveraging powerful analytics dashboards within the platform, users understand how individual tactics perform over time compared to industry benchmarks. This information helps determine what's working well and what needs improvement so organizations can stay ahead of the competition.

Studies suggest that businesses that use customer behavioral insights surpass their competitors by a staggering 85% in sales growth and over 25% in gross margin.

With analytics capabilities, it's easy for business owners to gain an edge over competitors by making better decisions about their marketing efforts quickly and effectively-allowing them to achieve their goals faster than ever before!

5. Improved Customer Relationship Management

Improved Customer Relationship Management

Research has shown that sales teams who use a mobile CRM platform to manage their customer data have seen an astonishing 50% boost in productivity! What a great reason to smile!

Sales apps help businesses build stronger relationships with customers through features like automated customer service, email automation, and lead scoring.

This ensures that customers are constantly updated on the latest news, promotions, and deals as soon as they happen-allowing for timely customer engagement and better customer satisfaction.

6. Instant Access to Product and Customer Information

Sales reps can now access customer, product, and inventory data in real-time from anywhere. This makes understanding their customer base easier and building relationships with the right customers efficient.

For example, a sales representative can quickly check the availability of a product with just a few taps on their mobile app.

Additionally, sales apps make it easy for reps to instantly look up customer contact information without searching databases or calling another department for help.

7. Improved Sales Performance

Sales! Sales! Sales! It's the key to success for any business. With the best app for sales, companies can track their reps' progress, analyze their performance metrics and quickly identify areas of improvement.

Features such as customizable dashboards, lead tracking capabilities, and automated reporting functions enable users to monitor progress against targets and stay organized during their sales cycles.

When used correctly, sales apps can help improve performance by giving reps the tools to succeed. This leads to improved visibility over key performance indicators, which makes it easier for managers and executives to identify areas for improvement within their teams.

Characteristics of a Sales Rep App

Characteristics of a Sales Rep App

Before selecting the best sales apps, business owners should consider certain features and characteristics that will benefit their organization.

The top apps for sales reps should be user-friendly, secure, and feature-rich with capabilities such as:


Integrating your sales reps app with other software used in the sales process is key for a successful user experience. It helps streamline their workflow and maximize efficiency.

For example, integrating with customer management platforms can allow reps to access customer data quickly from within the app.

By connecting with other apps, reps can also track activities such as emails sent, meetings attended, and calls made in one place. A report by Solutions Review revealed that as of 2020, a remarkable 64% of organizations were planning to incorporate data integration into their systems. That's a lot of integration, and it's clear that this trend is here to stay!


The best apps for sales reps allow users to customize the app's features and interface according to their needs and preferences. This could include the ability to create custom reports based on the metrics that matter most, tweak notification settings, add fields to forms, adjust page layouts, etc.

These customization options make it easier for users to make the app fit their workflow and be more efficient in their tasks.

Insights & Analytics

To ensure that a business runs smoothly and meets its goals, access to actionable insights is essential - and an app should provide this capability too! The best app for sales reps will have powerful analytical capabilities that enable users to track key metrics such as customer satisfaction ratings, conversion rates, average time spent on tasks, etc.

With real-time analytics available via dashboards or reports within the app itself (or even pushed out via email/SMS alerts), managers or team leaders can take proactive steps when performance dips or other issues arise.


Keeping data safe from unauthorized access is paramount in any online platform - but especially so with sensitive customer information which may be shared by sales reps using the app!

End-to-end encryption is a must here; plus, multi-factor authentication (MFA) will add an extra layer of protection against potential hackers attempting unauthorized access.

By 2028, the Application Security Market is predicted to swell to an astounding 20.88 Billion dollars at a CAGR of 16.80%, starting from 2022!

This shows how important it is to invest in security when choosing the best app for sales reps. Regular security scans of the system should also be performed to detect potential vulnerabilities before malicious actors exploit them.

Lead Management

Last but not least is lead management - one of the most crucial aspects of any successful sales process! A good sales rep app should provide intuitive lead management capabilities such as:

  • Contact segmentation based on criteria like geography or demographic info,
  • Tracking leads through their entire journey,
  • Assigning leads automatically
  • Providing detailed analytics about lead sources, and
  • Automated follow-ups.

Having all this information centralized in one place instead of spread across multiple sheets and programs makes managing leads much easier while offering valuable insights into what works best in lead-generation efforts.

Challenges of Apps for Sales

Challenges of Apps for Sales

The real world is rarely so straightforward. There are a few challenges that can arise when it comes to choosing the best apps for sales reps:

1. Engaging Users

Engaging users on sales apps can be quite a challenge due to the fast-paced nature of the industry and the ever-changing needs of customers. Sales reps need to continuously stay in tune with customer trends and preferences if they want to engage them and make their apps more successful.

To achieve this, sales reps must understand what their users are looking for and how they can best serve their needs.

Additionally, appealing visuals, easy navigation, and a personalized experience are all crucial elements that could be used to make sales apps more engaging.

2. Hard to Understand the Customer's Buying Decision

Getting into the customers' minds to understand their buying decisions can take time. This is because customer buying behavior is often unpredictable and influenced by many factors such as price, product quality, user experience, etc.

For example, a customer may purchase a product based on its low price point but may not consider other factors like product quality or durability, making it harder for the sales rep to anticipate their decision.

To combat this challenge, sales reps must focus on gathering data about customer preferences to predict their buying decisions better.

3. Challenging to Target the Right Users

Targeting the right users on the sales app can also be tricky since many potential users could benefit from a company's product or service offerings.

With so much noise in terms of competitors vying for attention, it can be hard to differentiate between what works best for each user group and what will ultimately lead them down a path toward conversion.

To tackle this issue, companies should focus on creating buyer personas that provide detailed insight into customer needs and wants, which will help them tailor content accordingly when targeting potential users.

4. Encouraging Customers to Prioritize Value Over Cost

In today's competitive market, where prices constantly fluctuate, customers prioritize cost over value when purchasing. This is something that can hurt businesses in terms of long-term revenue growth.

Sales reps using apps to overcome this challenge must educate customers about why investing in quality products or services would ultimately result in greater returns over time.

The process of doing this can begin by:

  • Showcasing your products' value through customer reviews and testimonials
  • Highlighting the benefits of using your product or service
  • Offering discounts and promotions to incentivize customers to purchase
  • Generating a long-term vision of the rewards they will receive from their purchase

By taking a proactive approach to encouraging customers to prioritize value over cost, sales reps can ensure that their apps successfully drive revenue.

3 Best Apps for Sales Reps

Now that you know some of the challenges and best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of apps for sales reps, let's take a look at some of the best apps available:

1. Ringy (It's us)


The main priority of Ringy is to increase sales efficiency. It provides users with the tools they need to build better customer relationships, create effective campaigns, and track progress in real-time.

Our platform has various features for sales reps to make sales processes faster and more organized. You can work seamlessly with team members and set up automated follow-up tasks, so your customers get all the important updates.




Streamline sales processes and keep track of customer interactions.

Analytics and Reports

With Ringy, you can view detailed reports and analytics to gain deeper insights into user behavior and trends.

Prospecting Tools

Keep track of leads, identify potential customers, and engage them in meaningful conversations.

Contact Management

Manage customer data, add notes to profiles, and easily access relevant information about customers with our contact management features.

Sales Management

Manage sales pipelines, set up tasks for team members, and easily gain visibility into all sales activities.

Safe and Secure

We understand the importance of data security, and our platform is built with the latest safety standards to protect your information.

We engineered Ringy to ensure you have the best tools and resources to increase your sales efficiency.

2. Pipedrive



Pipedrive is a sales and CRM platform designed for teams that want to close more deals and increase revenue. It provides users with features such as contact management, pipeline tracking, automated workflows, email campaigns, and reporting capabilities.

With Pipedrive, you can focus on the most important tasks while leaving the rest to automated tasks.



Pipeline Tracking

Track your team's progress on deals and prioritize actions with real-time tracking of the entire sales pipeline.

Automated Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline operations with Pipedrive's automated workflow feature.

Email Campaigns

Send out emails, track responses, and monitor performance easily using the email campaigns feature.

Reporting Capabilities

Keep your team updated with detailed reports on sales activities and customer interactions.

Pipedrive is an effective tool for sales teams that want to maximize efficiency. With its advanced features, you can quickly close more deals and increase revenue!

3. Salesforce



Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM solutions available today. It provides users with contact management, deal management, and customer service capabilities. With Salesforce, you can manage leads, monitor sales activities, and track real-time performance.



Contact Management

Manage customer records, add notes to profiles, and quickly access all the essential information about a customer with Salesforce's contact management features.

Deal Management

Track deals in real-time and quickly set up tasks for team members with Salesforce's deal management feature.

Customer Service

Offer customers personalized support with Salesforce's customer service capabilities.

Reporting Capabilities

Keep your team updated on sales activities and customer interactions with detailed reports.

With Salesforce, you can easily manage customer data and quickly set up tasks for your team.


Sales reps need the best tools to succeed in their job, and Ringy is the perfect sales platform. It offers automation of sales processes, analytics and reports, prospecting tools, and sales management capabilities that streamline operations.

With Ringy, you can easily keep track of leads to identify potential customers and engage with them.

Because we understand that sales reps need more than just an app to succeed - they need a powerful and comprehensive platform. Give us a try today, and see the difference for yourself!