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Remember when a ringing telephone was the precursor of mystery, possibility, or even an unwanted sales pitch?

That nostalgic jingle has taken on a sleeker, more efficient form—VoIP phone systems for small businesses.

Imagine a world where your organization's phone isn't just a voice communication device but a nimble multitasker that glides effortlessly through the information superhighway.

In this article, we're strapping on our virtual headsets to explore what VoIP phone systems for small businesses are and showcase the best ones for your company.

So, let's dial in and decode the possibilities that a VoIP phone service for business brings to the modern entrepreneurial stage.

What Is a Small Business VoIP Phone System?

What Is a Small Business VoIP Phone System

A phone service for small businesses orchestrates seamless communication within your company.

But what's this acronym-packed marvel all about, you ask?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocols, transforming how we talk, listen, and collaborate. Unlike traditional PBX solutions that rely on dedicated phone lines, small business IP phone systems utilize the internet to channel voice data efficiently and cost-effectively.

Think of it as a digital switchboard that translates your voice into data packets, ushering it through the web to reach your recipient's ears.

Here's a table showcasing the differences between traditional and VoIP phone systems for small businesses:

Traditional Phone Systems

VoIP Small Business Phone Services

Reliant on dedicated lines

Utilizes internet connection and automated calling systems

Voice transmitted via analog signals

Converts voice into digital data packets

Limited scalability

Easily scales to accommodate business growth

Higher costs per call

Offers cost-effective call rates

Fixed physical infrastructure

Embraces digital flexibility

VoIP phone systems for small businesses transform your office into a virtual arena where conversations traverse the online realm and transcend geographical boundaries.

Why Get a Small Business VoIP Phone System?

Why Get a Small Business VoIP Phone System

VoIP phone systems for small businesses help modernize communication and harmonize efficiency, flexibility, and value for money. But why should your organization embrace a VoIP phone for small businesses?

This section explores why VoIP phone systems for small businesses have become the crescendo of choice for companies seeking enhanced connectivity.

Reduced Phone Costs

The financial score sheet often strikes a discordant note with traditional phone systems. VoIP phone systems for small businesses offer lower cost per call and are bundled with features that are music to a business owner's ears.

Reliable Uptime

In business dropped calls and patchy connections resemble hitting the wrong note in a symphony. VoIP phone services for small businesses often boast impressive uptime and connectivity, ensuring your conversations hit all the high notes.

Here's a reliability comparison between traditional and VoIP phone systems for small businesses:

Traditional Phone Systems

VoIP Systems for Small Business

Prone to dropped calls and poor connections

Boast impressive uptime and consistent connectivity

Vulnerable to physical disruptions

Remain operational despite physical setbacks

Often entail complex repairs

Efficiently address issues with minimal downtime

In addition to avoiding dropped calls and patchy connections, VoIP systems bring features that enhance how you communicate and collaborate. From voicemail-to-email functionality to virtual VoIP phone system receptionists, these systems augment various tools to create a seamless experience.

Gain a Virtual Receptionist

Say goodbye to mundane reception tasks. VoIP systems for small businesses introduce a virtual receptionist that redefines how callers experience your company. These digital maestros direct callers to the appropriate department or person, crafting a professional overture for every call.

Here's what a VoIP virtual receptionist can do for your business:

  • Greets callers with a personalized message
  • Offers a menu of department options
  • Efficiently routes calls to the correct recipient
  • Provides a seamless and professional caller experience

With a VoIP phone system for small businesses, your organization can create harmonious interactions from the very first "hello."

Answer Calls on the Go

With VoIP systems for small businesses, you can break free from the limitations of a physical office. Calls can be answered and made from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing employees to stay connected while traveling or working remotely.

Easy Conference Calling

Easy Conference Calling

VoIP phone systems for small businesses facilitate effortless conference calls, enabling multiple parties to participate in discussions regardless of their physical locations. This feature proves an invaluable resource for small organizations with various:

By utilizing this technology, small businesses position themselves at the forefront of effective communication, propelling growth, innovation, and success into the future.

Virtual Fax

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, where communication is predominantly electronic, it might be a surprise that specific industries still rely heavily on faxing as an essential means of sharing information.

However, the persistence of faxing in these sectors underscores the significance of secure and reliable document transmission. That is where the innovative capabilities of business cloud VoIP systems come into play, addressing this necessity with remarkable efficiency.

Consider the following points that shed light on the continued relevance of faxing in specific industries:

  1. Regulatory and legal requirements: Sectors such as healthcare, financial services, and legal firms often encounter regulatory mandates required for faxing or transmitting sensitive documents. These regulations are designed to ensure data privacy and security, making faxing a preferred mode of communication.
  2. Paper trail and verification: Faxing provides a tangible paper trail that can be crucial for verification purposes. Many industries require signed documents to be transmitted and received with integrity. Faxing serves as a dependable method to maintain the authenticity of such documents.
  3. Interoperability with legacy systems: In some industries, legacy systems that have been in use for years are designed to work seamlessly with fax machines. Transitioning away from these systems can take time and effort. Hence, faxing remains the most feasible solution for maintaining compatibility.
  4. Document clarity: Faxing ensures that documents are transmitted with high clarity and legibility, which is vital for industries that deal with intricate diagrams, medical images, legal contracts, and other detailed content.
  5. Security concerns: Email and other electronic forms of communication can be susceptible to cyber threats. Faxing provides an added layer of security, as the transmission occurs through dedicated lines and encrypted protocols, reducing the risk of data breaches.

VoIP phone small business systems offer an ingenious solution in response to these industry-specific needs. These platforms can accommodate virtual faxing, addressing the unique requirements of industries that rely on fax transmission.

How to Choose The Best Phone Service for Small Businesses

How to Choose The Best Phone Service for Small Businesses

For companies, choosing the exemplary small VoIP phone system is a critical decision that can impact efficiency, customer service, and the overall bottom line. With various options available, each offering a diverse range of features and benefits, selecting the best VoIP phone system for small businesses can seem daunting.

However, armed with the proper knowledge and considerations, this decision can be transformed into a strategic move that enhances the organization's capabilities.

Ease of Use

One of the primary considerations when choosing a VoIP phone system for small business is the ease of use. A user-friendly, intuitive interface is critical to ensure employees across different skill levels can navigate the IP phone service for business without extensive training.

Innovative designs, straightforward menus, and clear icons create a smooth user experience.

An easy-to-utilize VoIP phone system for small businesses minimizes the learning curve and enhances productivity as staff can readily access functions and features.

Onboarding and Implementation

Transitioning to a new phone service can sometimes be met with apprehension, particularly for small businesses with limited IT resources. That is where robust onboarding and implementation support come into play.

A reputable phone service provider for small businesses should offer comprehensive assistance during the initial setup phase. This includes guidance on transferring existing small business phone numbers, configuring hardware and software, and integrating the software with other business tools.

With proper onboarding support, companies can navigate the transition seamlessly, avoiding downtime and disruptions.

Softphone or Hard Phone Support

Another crucial decision point revolves around choosing between softphone and hardphone support.

Softphones are software-based solutions that allow users to make calls through their computers or mobile devices. They are convenient for businesses with remote or mobile workers.

On the other hand, hardphones are physical devices designed explicitly for VoIP calls. They offer a tactile and dedicated experience that some employees might prefer. Small businesses should assess their needs, considering factors such as the nature of their workforce and communication patterns to determine the most suitable option.


Scaling up should not lead to a convoluted and complex process. Instead, it should be seamless, allowing businesses to adapt without interrupting their communication systems.

Here's what to consider when looking for a VoIP phone system for small businesses:

  1. Additional lines: The system should effortlessly support adding more phone lines as the company expands.
  2. Extensions: Easy integrations of new extensions should be available when your team grows.
  3. Features: Scaling up should mean something other than sacrificing features. The VoIP phone system for small businesses should adapt to incorporate new functionalities seamlessly.

Choosing a scalable small business phone service provider sets the stage for a company to flourish without communication hurdles.

Integration Options

Integration Options

In the age of interconnectedness, a phone service that integrates well with other business tools can significantly boost efficiency. Small companies rely on customer relationship management (CRM) software, email platforms, and collaboration tools.

Integrating the phone service with these applications ensures that communication data is synchronized, reducing the need for manual entry and enhancing overall productivity.

Call Quality and Reliability

Ultimately, the core purpose of a VoIP phone service for business is to facilitate clear and reliable communication. Call quality is non-negotiable. Dropout echoes and disruptions can hinder effective communication and damage the business's reputation.

A dedicated VoIP phone service provider should offer high-definition voice quality and minimal downtime. Independent reviews and testimonials from other small companies can provide insights into the provider's track record in delivering consistent performance.

Cost Structure

While cost is undoubtedly crucial, focusing solely on the price tag can be misleading. A low upfront cost might mask hidden fees or limitations that could emerge down the line. It's essential to assess the provider's cost structure comprehensively.

That includes:

  • Understanding the pricing for different tiers or plans
  • Potential charges for exceeding usage limits
  • Any costs associated with additional features or support

By diligently analyzing these components within the cost structure, you safeguard your business from unforeseen financial burdens. A holistic approach to assessing costs ensures that the VoIP phone service aligns with your budget and delivers the value and functionalities necessary to drive your business forward.

Customer Support

Technical issues or questions can arise no matter how sophisticated a VoIP phone service is. Reliable customer support is a lifeline during such situations. Small businesses should look for a provider that offers responsive and accessible customer support. This could include phone, email, or chat-based assistance.

Quick problem resolution minimizes downtime and ensures your organization remains operational.

5 Best VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

Today's fast-paced business environment requires effective communication to find success. Small businesses, in particular, need cost-effective and feature-rich communication tools to compete with larger organizations.

Let's explore the five best VoIP phone systems for small businesses and highlight their versatility and innovation.




Ringy is the first contender in our exploration of the best VoIP phone systems for small businesses. Tailored to meet the unique needs of small enterprises, Ringy has established itself as an assertive communication CRM solution.

Our software's user-friendly, intuitive interface makes it accessible to employees with varying levels of tech-savviness. Navigating the platform is a breeze, minimizing the learning curve while keeping everyone on your team on the same page.

Here are a few features, considerations, and advantages of choosing Ringy as your VoIP phone system for small businesses:

  1. Integration capabilities: Integration with popular business software is seamless, enhancing overall productivity and boosting team efficiency.
  2. Mobile accessibility: With Ringy, employees can answer calls on the go through our mobile app, ensuring uninterrupted communication even outside the office.
  3. Affordability: Ringy offers competitive pricing, catering to the budget constraints of small companies.
  4. Local caller ID: Mask your number to match your prospective customers' number while increasing connections and reducing redial.

Now that you have the entire run down, why not take advantage of our free trial to get to know our software better? We're one of the best phones for business.

Trust us, you won't be disappointed.




This solution is a great VoIP phone system for small businesses that prioritizes feature-rich communication and exceptional customer support. Its integration options and scalability make it versatile for organizations of all sizes.

Nextiva offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Team messaging
  • Call analytics
  • Voicemail to email
  • Call recording

The company is known for its outstanding customer service, offering 24/7 support, ensuring your organization can resolve any issues promptly.

While Next offers extensive features, some small businesses may find their pricing plans on the higher side of the spectrum, particularly when compared to more budget-friendly options.




Small and less significant enterprises rely on efficient, cost-effective communication systems to stay competitive. This is where the 3CX phone system for small businesses steps in, offering comprehensive and standard communication solutions designed to boost your business's outreach efforts.

One of the stand-out qualities of 3CX is its ability to provide advanced contact center features at a fraction of the cost typically associated with such capabilities. Whether you're a small startup or a well-established corporation, 3CX offers a robust suite of features that can transform your company's outreach efforts.

As your business grows, 3CX can quickly scale to accommodate additional features and users. The software is also compatible with various operating systems, including:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Windows

3CX can be hosted on the cloud, but there is an option for companies that want to run the software on their premises. However, the initial investment in hardware and setup for this option proves to be rather expensive, especially for smaller organizations.




Grasshopper understands the unique needs of small businesses and provides a cost-effective solution to enhance their communication. For a reasonable price, you receive at least one phone number and a straightforward yet professional VoIP phone system setup tailored to your requirements.

By leveraging your existing cellular service provider, voice-over-internet-protocol technology, and Wi-Fi connectivity, Grasshopper empowers you to send and receive calls virtually anywhere.

The tools offered by Grasshopper are user-friendly, ensuring that you don't need an advanced IT degree to set up and manage your phone system. From creating professional greetings to efficient call forwarding, Grasshopper puts these essential features at your fingertips.

While Grasshopper excels in simplicity, it may offer a less comprehensive feature set than some prominent competitors. This could be a drawback for companies with more complex communication requirements.

Another thing to consider is that while Grasshopper is ideal for small teams, there may be better solutions for rapidly growing businesses that require extensive scalability.




Vonage is a prominent name in business cloud communication and has made a significant mark by offering an impressive array of features.

Here are a few of its stand-out features:

  1. User-friendly interface: Navigating the Vonage platform is a breeze, ensuring businesses can leverage its features without needing technical know-how or extensive training.
  2. High-grade voice quality: Clear voice is a hallmark of Vonage, ensuring your communications remain seamless and professional.
  3. Unlimited team messaging: In an era of collaborative work environments, Vonage offers unlimited team messaging, prompting effective employee communications.

While these all sound good, we must cover some potential issues. Some users have reported sign-up challenges, which may require additional attention during onboarding.

Additionally, while Vonage offers 24/7 tech support, the quality of customer service can be inconsistent, which could be a point of improvement.

Finally, be cautious of potential add-on fees that may accrue, as they could impact the overall cost-effectiveness of your Vonage plan.

Whether it's the right choice for your business ultimately depends on your specific needs, budget, and the importance you place on reliability and feature-rich communication.

Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone


Zoom Phone is a part of the widely recognized Zoom video conferencing platform. It combines video conferencing capabilities with VoIP functionality, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

Below are some key features of Zoom Phone:

  1. Seamless integration: Zoom Phone seamlessly integrates with the Zoom video conferencing platform, providing a unified communication experience.
  2. Mobile app: The mobile app ensures you can stay connected and conduct business from anywhere, utilizing your tablet or smartphone.
  3. HD voice: Zoom Phone ensures crystal clear HD voice quality, enhancing the effectiveness of your calls.

While the integration with Zoom is a strength, it may not be the ideal choice if your company doesn't use Zoom for video conferencing. Pricing may also be higher than some standalone VoIP phone systems for small business providers, making it a detriment to tight budgets.

VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business - Final Thoughts

Whether you're a startup looking to establish a professional image or a growing enterprise requiring a scalable solution, VoIP phone systems can be a game changer.

As you journey to enhance communication, productivity, and customer experience, we encourage you to explore the VoIP phone systems for the small business we mentioned here and discover the one that best suits your requirements.

And if you're seeking a cost-effective, user-friendly, and versatile solution, remember to consider Ringy as your ideal option.

Take your business communication to the next level with Ringy—the best VoIP solution for small businesses.

Make the smart choice and book a demo today!