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If you’re not using an automated telephone dialer system, you’re defaulting to its less efficient, more mind-numbing alternative.

Manual calling.

We probably don’t need to tell you that manually dialing your contacts’ numbers isn’t the best way to go through your daily workload.

Or the most exciting way to spend your time at work, for that matter.

I am exhausted


But what other option do you have? How can you skip the boring parts and jump right into the good stuff – learning about and talking to clients?

It’s possible with automated phone calling software.

By the end of this article, you’ll know:

  1. What a telephone dialer system is
  2. Why you need an automated dialing service
  3. When to invest in it
  4. How to tell if it’s good

And we’ve even researched and included some solid software options so you don’t have to scour the internet to find an automated telephone dialer system that fits the bill.

Why not take a look? Your dialing fingers will thank you.

What is a Telephone Dialer System?

A telephone dialer system is your outbound calling approach and the system of tools you use for it. It can be manual or automated.

Manual telephone dialers require agents to dial each phone number to reach leads and clients within simple outbound campaigns.

Automated telephone dialer systems do the legwork for you – they automatically dial the numbers from a list and connect answered calls to available agents.

They are useful for telemarketing and larger campaigns. And pretty much any other occasion when you need your sales process to be more efficient (i.e., all the time).

Why is an Auto Dialing Service Crucial for Businesses?

We’ve condensed this into four short reasons for an easy read.

Lets you do more high-value work and make more sales

In other words, an auto dialer system lets you do more revenue-enhancing activities:

  1. Nurturing your leads via video calling or doing an extra round of follow-ups
  2. Coming up with creative sales messages to use in your calls, emails, and SMS drip campaigns
  3. Training sessions with your team so they can learn from each others’ wins – top performers are 51% more likely to have regular coaching

Can’t ever have enough of those activities. But you can have way more with manual dialing out of the way.

Gives you more time to prepare for each client and ace all your calls

62% of sales winners connect with their customers on a personal level, help them find solutions to their problems, and make them feel like they’re part of the family.



With an automated telephone dialer system that can be you!

You’ll have more time to make notes on the customer's profile in your CRM, read transcripts in advance, and prepare to be the most understanding salesperson they’ve ever been bothered by.

Um, we mean, contacted by.

But you know how people feel about salespeople. Wow them by being knowledgeable on the topics they need help with and solving their problems.

Removes repetitive, trivial work, letting you focus and be more productive

Automatic phone dialer software makes agents happy because their talent and skills aren’t wasted on admin.

If the benefits of that aren’t obvious enough, let’s dig a little deeper:

Repetitive work is soul-crushing, no matter what it is.

People become complacent over time, leading to a poor experience because the sales agent is giving "would rather be doing anything else" energy.

And, you guessed it, that means less profit for the business.

You want your reps to be motivated. Driven. Excited to close deals and become the best performers.

But the trivial work still needs to be done, so…?

So: an automated telephone dialer system lets you have your work done and eat it, too. Or whatever the idiom said.

Ramps up your call quantity, not just quality

At the end of the day, sales is a numbers game.

The more leads you dial, the more sales you're gonna make.

An auto dialing service helps you get through a much longer contact list than you could have dialed manually thanks to advanced calling features like power, progressive, and automated predictive dialers.

Your only job is to dazzle them when they pick up.

So, how do you know if you’re ready for an automated telephone dialer system?

When to Invest in an Automated Phone Calling Software

Probably now. But, more specifically:

When to invest in an automated phone calling software


1. When you’re doing larger outbound campaigns

When you’re looking to expand to new markets, regions, groups of customers, you hire more sales reps to scale-up your output and need the system to facilitate that.

2. When you need to go through more calls, faster, without sacrificing quality

When your team has mastered the sales process, and just needs the tools to help them scale it into a bigger sales generating engine.

3. When you have evidence it’s time to scale or want a system that’s scalable

And you need a system that will grow with you and propel you further, not bog you down.

4. When you want to focus on the quality of individual calls and client relationships

Especially if the sales funnel is long and it takes a while to nurture leads and educate them about the product you're selling – so you need longer sales calls or more intensive note taking.

5. When you want to reduce agent idle time and increase their talk time

In other words when you’ve figured out exactly how to make money.

6. When you want your team to be motivated and efficient

Nothing makes people stop caring faster than forcing them to do pointless, repetitive work when a literal machine could do it instead.

Be honest – at least one of these is your current situation.

So how do you find a great automated telephone dialer system to solve your problems?

Here’s how we’ve evaluated our top picks.

Automatic Phone Dialer Software Selection Criteria

Telephone dialer system

This is how we decided on the best-automated calling system software options, and why the criteria matters for your business.

Automatic Phone Dialer Software Selection Criteria

Why it’s crucial

CRM integration

You need a unified system for sales in 2022. You can use any dialer to call customers, but then:

  • Will you be able to easily update and later find their information?
  • Will you know whether or not they’ve been in contact with your company on another front like customer service? Or just with another agent?
  • Will you automate dialing, but still do administration manually for no reason?

Intuitive design

This is about the UX/UI part of the story. If your software is hard to use, your agents will waste time on it or come up with a different solution while you’re paying for this one. So:

  • Is it easy to learn and use?
  • Will it help sales reps ramp faster?

  • Does it look sexy?

Remote capability

Reps who use their own devices are more productive because they can work on the commute, from home, or anywhere else.


No brainer – the less time you spend on grueling low-value tasks, the more time you have to spend elsewhere.

  • Sweettalking leads? They’ll love you.
  • Dialing fifteen more prospects per agent? You got it.
  • Taking notes? Why not?

Make sense?

Now let’s see the telephone dialer system tools that meet those requirements.

Best Automated Calling System Software Options

We’ve included a couple of options for different company sizes, preferences, and budgets.


Ringy CRM


Ringy is our baby, but it’s not on the list just because we’re its proud parents.

(Although there’s that, too.)

Ringy is an automated calling system software with an integrated VoIP softphone that you can use wherever you are. You’ll be flying through those calls like a bird on the breeze.

All without sacrificing customer relationships because you’re in such a rush and can’t remember their information.

Or because you can’t figure out how to use your dashboard.

Ringy has:

  1. A power, predictive, and progressive dialer
  2. Call recording and coaching features
  3. Intuitive centralized customer management database where you can find important information in a few clicks

But its biggest differentiator is its automation.

With Ringy, you can set up automated and customized drip campaigns to nurture your leads while you’re on calls with other prospects.

That’s beyond the standard admin or dialing automation. We’re curious: where will you reallocate the time you no longer have to spend writing individual emails and texts?

Pricing: $99/month

(Dip your toes in with our 14-day free trial!)

Pricing is accurate as of August 2022.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM


Agile CRM is a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses and has a free plan for up to ten users.

The platform is mobile-friendly and helps you unify sales, customer service, social media, and marketing.

How does that matter for dialing again?

Because you need to keep track of customers contacting your company from different channels, and you can only do that with a unified hub that contains all of the customer information collected from every avenue.

Agile CRM lets you provide that seamless experience.

To access the auto-dialer functionality via Twilio (the only currently possible option for Agile CRM), you have to be on the Regular plan or higher.


  • Free for up to 10 users
  • Starter: $14.99/month
  • Regular: $49.99/month
  • Enterprise: $79.99/month

Pricing is accurate as of August 2022.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM


If you’re looking for a classic CRM that can be used by enterprises as well as smaller teams, Salesforce Sales Cloud will impress you.

Its robust offerings include auto-dialing services and many more advanced features that use AI, mobile, social, and other capabilities.

Salesforce’s unique feature Einstein Lead Scoring helps you discover why you win your deals, which deals you could win next, and which next steps will make it happen.

You can use it to prioritize and organize your calling schedule to ensure you focus all of your energy on the most profitable tasks.

That said, Salesforce may be a bit overwhelming for smaller businesses that want a simple solution to manual dialing and don’t need as many side features.


  • Essentials: $25/user/month, billed annually
  • Professional: $75/user/month, billed annually
  • Enterprise: $150/user/month, billed annually
  • Unlimited: $300/user/month, billed annually

Pricing is accurate as of August 2022.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell CRM


Zendesk Sell is a sales CRM with a wide range of helpdesk-focused features and a solid user interface across devices.

One of the reasons users love it is the easy setup – 70% of teams deploy Zendesk in fewer than eight weeks.

That means you don’t waste excessive time on training, and you start getting your returns fast.

Zendesk has iOS and Android mobile apps so you can use their auto-dialing service anywhere.

Other useful features include:

  1. Voice recognition
  2. Real-time chat
  3. Queue management
  4. Automated predictive dialer

Note that you’ll need to be at least on the Professional plan to access the automated telephone dialer system, and you might lack the marketing automation features that some other CRMs like Ringy or Zoho have for the price.


  • Team: $19/month
  • Growth: $49/month
  • Professional: $99/month
  • Enterprise: $150+/month

Pricing is accurate as of August 2022.

Streamline Your Calls With a Telephone Dialer System

Phone dialer

Manual dialing is fine if you’re just starting out in sales, and if the year is 1985.

But when it’s time to expand to new markets, scale your business, maximize your call time, and really utilize your team capacity to its fullest? Today, a manual system is not enough.

You need an automated telephone dialer system.

Investing in an automated dialer system will help you spend less time dialing and more time getting high-value work done and keeping customers happy.

Now… where might you find such a thing…?

Oh right, just request a demo with Ringy! We’ll show you around.